Our job is always adjusting.

What can you expect from North American Claims Specialists?

Quality Property Assignments:

1.  We will contact the customer within 24 hours of receipt of assignment.

2.  We will schedule an appointment with your customer within 24 hours of contact.

3.  An estimate will be prepared and, at your request, an agreed price for repairs will be secured with your customer and/or their contractor, public adjuster, etc. Should there be a coverage question your representative will be contacted for review and discussion prior to making any commitments to the insured or their representative.

4.  Estimates, photos and reports will be submitted to your representative via email, fax, or U.S. mail as directed by your representative. We do have the ability to receive and send assignments through Xactanalysis as well.

5. Our dwelling estimates are prepared via Xactimate and include a detailed repair estimate, photos and a diagram of the rooms. A report accompanies each estimate.

6. Contents only claims are handled by our Contents Specialists and returned with 48 hours.

Quality Liability Assignments:

1. We will contact the claimant/representative within 24 hours of receipt of the assignment.

2. We will schedule an appointment with the claimant/representative within 24 hours of contact.

3. A written or recorded statement will be taken either on the first contact or as soon as we are permitted. (if needed)

4.  An estimate of repairs, photos of damages or injuries will be taken as soon as we are permitted. We will also get all the reports and/or bills related to the damages and/or injuries  upon our initial contact.

North American Claims Specialists will tailor its product to your Company's needs.