Our job is always adjusting.

At North American Claims Specialists, we take sincere pride in delivering a quality product while representing the carrier professionally. It is our goal to deliver fair, fast and final loss processing. 

Here are a few compliaments we have received from our clients:

“Having known Tim for many and years and work with him for as long- he is one of the most trustworthy, knowledgeable & consistent adjusters I have worked with in the homeowner insurance field. He does not know the word NO & will go above and beyond to service you and your policyholders.” - Kellye

“Tim's company has been chosen to be our first choice in the Mid-Atlantic region. He has provided a quality product with outstanding cycle time in a very difficult market.” - Andrew

“Tim Iannuzzi obtains the knowledge, skill and perseverance necessary to both effectively run a successful Insurance Adjusting Firm, while still taking the time to handle daily claims in the field as necessary. You will not find a better mentor, or a person who takes more pride caring for his employees. Tim demonstrates such a passion for the adjusting business to provide quality estimates in conjunction with timely closures to provide his clients with exceptional results. It is both an honor and a pleasure to work for Tim at North American Claims Specialists. I have nothing but respect for Tim and appreciate the standard in which he has set for his adjusters to follow.

”Thank you, sir. As always, reliable, efficient and easy to work with. That’s what keeps me coming back Tim, keep up the good work!" - Michael

"Great work to us all! Please see the complimenting email the insured sent to me. Thanks for the quick response to the insured’s claim." - Megan

"I just wanted to let you know I’m very impressed with the length of detail the IA put into his report. He even found policy language for me." - Stephanie

"Your work was very detailed and greatly appreciated." - Deborah

"Thank you for the fast turnaround. You guys are the best!" - Stephanie

"I just wanted to thank you to for the prompt, professional attention you gave to this extremely sensitive claim. The policy holder was very pleased with your service so I wanted to say thank you again for all your help." - Matthew

"Great Job on this file guys!" - Steven 

"Tim, You guys are the best! I really appreciate how quickly you and Mark got this back to me. Please give him my thanks! I can always count on NAC! Thanks a million." - Stephanie  

"Your crew ROCKS!" - Mike


"Awesome. Thanks for doing such a good job on this. There are few like you out there." - Jay

"Thanks for your quick attention to this claim." - Heidi

"Great work on this guys. I sure appreciate the time and dealing with this PA." - Jay

"Thanks for your efforts on this unusual loss." - Daniel

"Thank you for your thorough and ongoing assistance with this claim." - Meichelle

"You are the tops!" - Heidi

From An Insured - "I really wanted to thank you for your professionalism and kindness. Take care." - Rodney

From An Insured - "I wanted to thank you for your help with my claim. You did your job well and were responsive." - Erin

From An Insured - "Thanks, and keep up the professional work." - Elroy

From An Insured - "Just want to Thanks You for your quick response to our claim." - Tessa

"You guy are awesome…thanks again!" - Steven

From An Insured - "Thank you for the help you have given us. We certainly appreciate it." -Paul

"You got great Adjuster’s!" - Chad

"The insured did call and wanted us to know that he was very happy with our company and with you the adjuster. He stated that this was his first loss and he was very pleased with how the claim was handled. It’s always nice to hear when we have all done something right.!!!" -Deb

"Wow that was quick! Great Job!" - Steven

From An Insured - "I just received an email that the inspection report had been received. Thank you for processing this request so quickly, it is greatly appreciated." - Patrick

"Thank you so much! I appreciate your companies promptness." - Stephanie

"Nice Job on this one guys! Way to go!" - Steven

"Thank you for the email. Your company and services are beyond impressive. Thank you for putting a rush on this request and for hiring such quality employees." - Leslie

"Super photos and nice report. Thank you." - Heidi

"Wow! That was quick! Thanks a million!" - Patti

You make my job easy. I thank you and wanted Tim to know how much I appreciate your effort, thoroughness and professionalism. Really." - Michael

From an Insured - "My wife and I would like to express our sincere thanks in the manner in which our insurance claim was handled. We were very anxious as to how our claim was going to be handled in the aftermath of Sandy. Fortunately, everyone we came in contact with was professional, accessible, sympathetic and extremely competent. A special thanks goes out to Doug Aird, our initial adjuster, and our Claims Associate. Our dealings with both these gentlemen reinforced the fact that our claim was going to be handled in a fair and efficient manner. These two individuals were always available to answer my questions and concerns-even though I know they must have been swamped with work. Thank you gentlemen!"

"Nice job of covering all the bases on this claim and getting supporting docs." - Heidi

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for negotiating this invoice for the water mit. It’s very appreciated on this end! Great job!" - Tina

"I just spoke with the insured. He said the IA was wonderful. Good Job!" - Luis E.

"Wow, that was quick! Thanks a million !" - Patti K.

"Fabulous – Another good job!" - Heidi

"Good job sir, that's how a file should be done." - Irving S.